5 reasons you should hire a freelance copywriter

If your marketing communications strategy doesn’t grab stakeholders in the opening paragraph, consider it dead. Not on life support, not on  respiratory aid, blood transfusion or hooked to an oxygen tank – it’s clinically dead.

Whether you are a small business owner or run your own department in a large multinational company, odds are that you use written language to build relationships, drive performance and obtain results.

After all, what’s the use of a great product or service if clients aren’t told about it in an effective way?

Still, while business people are known for market know-how, product positioning and business strategy, they are less known for their ability to write effectively.

Let’s face it, it’s hard to be good at every single aspect of the corporate framework that makes up your company.

Hiring a freelance copy writer can make an important difference in whether you attract clients or not.

If you are still unconvinced, check out the following five reasons why your company will benefit from services of a freelance copywriter:

  1. Freelancers make you money

Yes, you read that correctly. Unless you hold a monopoly in your market, you are competing for business with other companies that sell similar goods and services. If your marketing pitch is not enticing enough to lure clients, they may go with a competitor whose writing tone sounds more attractive.  Unfortunately, this is what sometimes happens when promotional documents are written by non-writers. You run the risk of having potential clients perceive an otherwise great product as substandard, and lose them in the process. Don’t waste money over poor grammar and disjointed syntax – make your life easier and hire a freelance writer.

  1. Brand effectiveness

Brand effectiveness is no longer measured only through traditional advertising channels that rely on shock value, high volume and boundless consumer exposure pathways. Screaming through a megaphone in a busy marketplace is antiquated for many brands, especially those that rely on their online presence. Rather, brand effectiveness is about engaging your followers and stakeholders and adding value to the dialogue – not turning into static while other players move ahead of the line.

This is where freelance copy writers come in: they use communication tools to influence and engage stakeholders, which builds alliances and moves your business forward.

  1. Outside perspective

In many start-ups and small and medium-sized companies, marketing materials are written by engineers or developers. Even though subject matter experts (SMEs) know the product inside and out they tend to focus far too much on the product’s technical aspects instead of what the product can do for the client. The art of applied technology is highlighting the parts that matter, not the minutiae preventing clients from seeing how they can benefit from it. When you are listening to your favorite song, it’s not the chord changes and pitch translation invariance you notice – it’s the vocals and the rhythm section that capture your senses. It’s no different with marketing materials.

  1. Originality

Worn-out metaphors – “Time is money,” “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” “Flogging a dead horse,” – fail to enthuse us and yet they creep their way into marketing materials all the time. Relying on overused figures of speech are some of the most efficient ways to weaken the case you are making and destroy the effectiveness of your promotional documents.  The upshot of hiring a freelance copy writer is that your marketing materials will be full of crisp and authentic language that captures the attention of your target audience rather than drive it away.

  1. Freelancers save you time

Copy writers put one word in front of another for a living. This means it takes them a fraction of time it would take you to string a document together. Let’s say you have to put together a newsletter, brochure, white paper or a press release. You would have to cut back on other important tasks that require your attention or put longer hours at the office to get it done. Or you would have to wake up earlier. Or skip family dinner time. Or clone yourself. Instead of multitasking and trying to be a Jack of All Trades, give it some thought to hiring a professional writer. Because, if there’s anything you should cut back on – it’s the headache from trying to do everything by yourself.


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