When I started working as a business news reporter, I had no idea it was a ticket to an exciting world packed with driven players and powerful transactions.

It was fun and educational being an eyewitness to market-moving decisions, especially after Ryerson’s intense Journalism degree programme.

What’s more, I learned to tailor my narrative to reader’s needs, block irrelevant details and, most importantly, keep audiences engaged.

Over the years, my work has appeared in the Financial Post, Maclean’s, The London Free Press, The Kitchener Record, Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) and SeeNews.

Writing news for a living helped me appreciate better the complexity of corporate decision-making. It also taught me that reaching people through marketing communications is not that different.

I have reported on hundreds of press releases, financial statements, investment plans and stock exchange data documents. Filtering this information to extract the heartbeat of a story and shape it into attention-grabbing copy became instinctive for me.

It was only a matter of time before I decided to leverage this skill in the business arena.

That’s why I enrolled in Schulich’s MBA programme – it was a gateway to broadening the scope of my marketing intelligence.

Today, I love being a creative business writer who breathes life into an income statement and knows the difference between a debt-for-equity swap and a debt-to-equity ratio.

Oh, and I can make those things sound cool, too.

As a professional writer with an MBA, I love telling the story behind numbers and turning raw data into copy that inspires readers.

It’s all part of my Batman/Bruce Wayne personality.

A rare combination of these two unique qualities enables me to do what I love most: work as an independent business writer, help clients build relationships and create value.

In my spare time, I love to cook with and for family and friends. I am also keen on strength-training, skating and hiking, all of which compete with my interest in movies, books and news. Yes, I’m still a bit of a news junky.

On weekends, I love to hit an art gallery or hear some live music (or both), then gravitate towards a cocktail with an umbrella in it. And I am working on my first novel, some days more in theory than in practice, but it’s gaining traction.

Fun random facts

  • I like long ambient movies, marketing budgets and soccer anthems.
  • When I was five years old, I had an imaginary frog that lived in my mouth.
  • My dad is an air transport engineer, my grandfather was an airline pilot and I’m scared to fly.
  • I watch Steven Spielberg’s Jaws once a year, on average.
  • There isn’t a body of water I discriminate against: Whether it’s a mineral spring or a marshy wetland covered in green film – watch me dive right in.
  • I always wanted to dye my hair purple.

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