My services

Thought leadership including blogs, white papers and special reports for tech firms and others. Whether you need to attract a different audience, reach existing readers more effectively or revamp your publication, I can help you improve the content of your documents in a way that makes an impact.

Marketing and advertising copy aimed at promoting brands and engaging audiences. I’ve helped a number of companies boost their online presence and reach prospects in a  way that speaks to them. I’ve honed these skills penning Sun Media advertorials for the real estate, services and business industry during my old life as a journalist.

Corporate communications such as press releases, memos, quarterly and annual reports and newsletters.  As a former business reporter I’ve spun figures and raw data into colourful stories about companies from a broad range of industries.

Website content that clearly describes a company and solidifies its brand identity. I’ve developed and produced content on a variety of topics, including help manuals for software companies.

Newspaper and news wire articles on topics ranging from business and the economy, to investments and general news. My stories have appeared in The National Post, Sun Media, Investment Executive, SeeNews Corporate Wire, Kitchener Record, Maclean’s, Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) and First Beat Media, among others.